Uncommon Journeys is a restoration ministry, which originated from New Winds. Founded by John and Priscilla Lack in 2011, New Winds provides life-giving resources pertaining to Biblical Hebrew Roots and healing of the heart. These resources are available through Uncommon Journeys Book Shop.

John and Priscilla have served in various capacities of ministry for more than twenty years. For several years, they served as pastors of a Hebrew Roots church, which they planted in the year 2000. Their fellowship offered healing of the heart workshops — a special place where the hurting and broken hearted could find hope. John and Priscilla have been guest speakers at conferences, churches and other small groups.

Named after Priscilla’s second book, Uncommon Journeys website is dedicated to encouraging your journey of restoration. It is this ministry’s desire to see broken hearts healed and seeking hearts filled, allowing all to become creative contributors … free to make a difference for God’s Kingdom.

Why Hebrew Roots?

About twenty years ago, a friend of John and Priscilla’s became a missionary to Russia. The ministry she was affiliated with helped Russian Jews make Aliyah. Aliyah is a Hebrew expression that signifies a Jew’s return to their homeland of Israel.

In the course of their missionary friend’s travels, she needed a temporary place to stay. John and Priscilla made a place available for her and she shared a life-changing blessing. This blessing opened their eyes to consider Hebraic thought, the Land of Israel and the Jewish culture. Their friend showed them the Jewishness of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and the Holy Spirit stirred their hearts. Soon after, God provided other seasoned mentors. The Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation came alive in a new way, which enhanced their faith in Christ.

Today, the number of people discovering this beautiful treasure has dramatically increased. This increase has brought many changes. Various streams and flavors (we could liken them to denominations) have developed within the Messianic and Hebrew Roots movement. Regardless of the changes, John and Priscilla’s message continues to be one of restoration. They believe we are in the Days of Elijah and that God is restoring all things.