Tried and True Transformation

It’s generally understood that our culture is overloaded with information. Despite this information overload, the desire for inner transformation seems to be on the rise. Many people are searching for direction. They want to live out their purpose and have a life with meaning.

The desire for personal transformation can look different to each of us. It’s normal to want answers to our problems; especially in our complicated world today. On the other hand, if our desire for transformation is riddled with impatience, we might be led astray. The anticipation for a quick fix will draw things into our lives that aren’t necessarily wise.

We may want to consider what kind of transformation we’re looking for and why we’re having problems in certain areas. If we’re looking for transformation of our personal issues, we can explore the reasons why we’re struggling.

Sometimes our problems are linked to poor choices and patterns that emerged from unstable childhood foundations. If this is so, we may need to look back at why our foundations were not stable. So we reread our stories in order to gain new understanding.

Some solutions are tried and true truths; they never change. We can have the best of technology and information, but some things in life remain the same. This is especially true when it comes to inner transformation.

When we partner with God to be restored, we develop the courage to walk with Him into this territory called heart transformation.

Here are a few tried and true truths:

  1. You can win if you want to. Some things we have to fight for. This is especially true when it comes to the journey toward wholeness. The commitment and the desire must be in our heart; we don’t just sit and wish for it. It takes courage to push through the obstacles that come with this territory. As we persevere, we become willing to be willing to trust God’s direction for our life.
  2. The quick glance holds no reward. Things of value have to sink in to become part of us. We learn to linger in the truths the Lord gives us from His Word and other Godly sources. If we move too quickly to the next thing, we usually forget the wisdom from the first truth and it doesn’t become part of us.
  3. Healing the heart is a redemptive principle. We will pay a price if healing is going to become a reality in our lives. In other words, we invest into the things we value. Healing the heart is one of the most important keys for transforming one’s life.
  4. A teachable heart can hear. As we age, we can become prone to being stuck in our ways. We may say to ourselves, “Well, I’ve always done it this way.” But personal growth is a lifelong journey and we can be open-hearted to guidance at any age. If we want to know about an area we don’t know much about, we can find someone who’s seasoned in that area and learn from them. Mentors are a valuable key to our transformation.
  5. Respectful love is different than dysfunctional love. We often define love through how love was modeled to us in our growing up years. These are the years where we develop personal filters about what love is. Sometimes our filters are seriously flawed and inaccurate. Understanding respectful love opens the door to transforming how we give and receive love.
  6. Conversation is not for agreement, it is for understanding. I recently heard this phrase from a friend and she said it was coined by Danny Silk. This is a wise statement. Listening to people and their opinions doesn’t mean we have to agree with them, but we can understand them. If we don’t agree, it doesn’t mean we have to burn bridges unless someone has communication patterns that are consistently harmful. Looking at conversation this way brings honor and respect for others as well as ourselves.
  7. Understand wise and unwise associations. Discerning which people to allow access to our inner circle of relationships takes wisdom. Some people are meant to walk with us and they bless our journey. Other people are unwise associations; they have a negative effect upon our transformation and they can frustrate our God-ordained purpose. I’ve heard it said, “When wrong people leave your life, right things happen.”
  8. God brings a messenger. Some people are placed in our lives to teach us something new. Unfortunately, our human nature generally likes the familiar. If we relish the familiar, then we might reject the messenger and the message that God has sent to us. Of course this takes discernment because some messengers can take us into extremes and a bad path.
  9. God uses prayer to change things. There are different types of prayers. Having a relationship with Christ is deepened through times of prayer, worship and meditation on His Word. These are the times where His nuggets of truth become imparted to our spirit, which strengthens us to pursue His transforming ways.

When it comes to transformation, these are just a few tried and true truths that foster lasting results. Even though there are numerous tips not listed here for transformation, these are the significant ones I have found helpful for my journey. I hope they are a blessing to you too.

If you’d like to take your inner transformation further, you may like my workbook, Unlocking the Wounded Heart . It lays out an organized format for sorting out inner hurts and helps a person walk in more freedom.





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