benefits of healing the heart

There are many benefits to healing the heart, including:

  • Cultivates a deeper relationship with God;
  • Builds better personal relationships;
  • Develops a healthier outlook on life;
  • Unlocks hidden hurts so they can be healed;
  • Lessens the need for unhealthy coping mechanisms;
  • Opens the way for better tomorrows;
  • Brings appreciation of who God designed you to be;
  • Increases discernment and awareness;
  • Transforms decision making processes;
  • Untangles falsehoods while strengthening truths;
  • Supports good physical health;
  • Addresses repetitive damaging cycles;
  • Makes peace with your past;
  • Empowers the powerless with choices;
  • Acquires life skills to replace old survival mindsets;
  • Integrates the whole person to work together;
  • Enlarges the heart for faith, hope and love;

” … You who seek God, let your heart live.” (Psalms 69:32)