Unlocking the Wounded Heart Workbook

    Biblically based and written with compassion, Unlocking the Wounded Heart can benefit anyone who wants to make deeper connections with themselves, others and God. There are over 200 pages which include projects, reflective questions, illustrations and sections for noting personal discoveries.

    Unlocking the Wounded Heart Workbook is appropriate for use by professionals, laypeople, individuals and small study groups. It includes a variety of realistic tools for a genuine healing.

    If you have longed for God’s help in the midst of personal turmoil…if you’re searching for strong connections between your heart and others’ hearts, and with God’s heart…you will find that Unlocking the Wounded Heart provides a spiritual yet practical path to your personal healing. The keys within this manual/workbook can help you cultivate a deeper relationship with God and His love. Whatever your reasons for seeking your heart, this workbook gives specific direction how to get there.

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    Uncommon Journeys Published Book

    Have you noticed that people are becoming more distressed these days? Many are acting out in ways that leave you scratching your head: “Really? What was that?” As the world’s troubles increase, some people act out their hidden fears. These fears can be unresolved emotional issues of the heart and result in conflicts on a personal level.

    Not everyone is called to be a professional healer, but all of us benefit from having a basic understanding of healing of the heart. Understanding healing helps us avoid overreacting to others. It helps in our workplace, fellowships, community and our family relationships. It also helps us better understand our own weaknesses and where we may be stuck.

    God invites each of us to walk with Him toward wholeness. Uncommon Journeys clarifies the meaning of this journey, untangling misunderstandings often encountered along the way. It is an effective handbook – packed full of thought provoking insights. Topics include family dance systems, relationship admonitions, discernment, understanding triggers, the difference between healing and relief, and common attitudes toward feelings. 

    Taking the uncommon journey deepens our relationship with Christ. This brings more health, stability and authenticity to our relationships.

    The audio CD included with the printed version offers Priscilla’s narration of two prayers over specifically selected peaceful music. This book will renew your understanding of how God values you and why He desires healing for your heart.

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    Dr. John D. Garr Radio Interview

    Uncommon Journeys Radio Show – special guest Dr. John D. Garr  Dr. Garr is an international educator, an inspiring minister, a Biblical Hebrew scholar, College Chancellor (Hebraic Heritage Christian College) and has served in ministry for over 40 years.

    Dr. John D. Garr has authored over twenty books; some of them are in depth textbooks. During this radio broadcast, Dr. Garr will discuss two of his books – God and Women; women in God’s image & likeness, and Co-equal and Counterbalanced; God’s blueprint for women & men. He will cover topics related to these books such as the personhood of God; the Hebraic views of men and women, and their co-equality. For those who are searching for biblical truth as seen through Hebraic eyes, this is a life-changing broadcast that brings a deeper restoration.

    Dr. Garr is a recognized scholar; well-versed in the languages, history and culture. He is able to unpack these issues with balance, while laying out the foundations with clarity and grace. (1 CD) Purchase the CD for $7.00 or download the MP3 for $4.00.

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    The Bride in the Desert mp3 Download

    There are several paradigms the Bible uses to depict God’s relationship to His people. One such paradigm is the Bridegroom’s relationship to His Bride.

    The Bride in the Desert is a challenging message given at a Messianic conference. Priscilla shares insights about the Bride of Messiah relating to her Bridegroom from her heart. Learn the benefits of desert seasons and how Yeshua (Jesus) uses them to bring forth His purpose in our lives. The desert seasons are where we can discover what we truly value. This gives us direction and helps us rest in who God created us to be.

    If you would like the values PDF that accompanies this message, please contact us after your purchase.

    47 Minutes

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    The Language of the Heart mp3 Download

    The Language of the Heart speaks of hope and healing for the heart. In this teaching, Priscilla discusses how and why we sometimes disconnect from our heart. She shares the process of how to reconnect and receive who God has created us to be. Reconnecting is a process that brings deeper intimacy with Christ. This message supports and encourages the journey toward wholeness. Psalms 86:11 – Teach me Your way, O LORD; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your name.

    58 Minutes

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