Tried and True Transformation

It’s generally understood that our culture is overloaded with information. Despite this information overload, the desire for inner transformation seems to be on the rise. Many people are searching for direction. They want to live out their purpose and have a life with meaning. The desire for personal transformation can look different to each of… continue reading»

The Search

The New Year is here, and I’ve probably considered this coming year more than previous years. I’ve read a lot of news articles, motivational blogs and other interesting literature concerning how to navigate this year. Many describe what they think will happen and what we should do about it. Their different aspiring views spell out… continue reading»

Secret Formula Part 2

Secret Formulas (Part Two)

In my last journal, I wrote about Secret Formulas. The context of the journal was about misguided approaches to life. It was a discussion about the recipes we create for how life is supposed to work. If healthy love and stability were absent in our younger years, we probably developed some secret formulas to fill… continue reading»