Genuine Gratitude is Healing

A genuine outlook of gratitude is healing, but the development of this trait can be a process. Some schools of thought describe gratitude as an emotion. It’s true that when we feel gratitude, we find a deeper heart connection – it becomes a more meaningful experience than just a cognitive action that voices what we are thankful for. Sometimes we might pretend… continue reading»

Do you want to get well?

When we walk with God, we may find our lives turn out differently than we planned. Sometimes we arrive at the mountain tops with showers of blessings overflowing, and it’s easy to connect to the Father’s grace and favor. Other times, we might find ourselves in the trenches. In the trench times, we may not… continue reading»

Tried and True Transformation

It’s generally understood that our culture is overloaded with information. Despite this information overload, the desire for inner transformation seems to be on the rise. Many people are searching for direction. They want to live out their purpose and have a life with meaning. The desire for personal transformation can look different to each of… continue reading»