Tried and True Transformation

It’s generally understood that our culture is overloaded with information. Despite this information overload, the desire for inner transformation seems to be on the rise. Many people are searching for direction. They want to live out their purpose and have a life with meaning. The desire for personal transformation can look different to each of… continue reading»

“We Say What God Say”

A few years ago, my husband John was an area coordinator for the Billy Graham My Hope America outreach. During that time, we visited different kinds of fellowships and churches. We also met a number of unique and loving people. There was one church we regularly attended during a temporary stay in Indiana. They were… continue reading»

Freedom from Black and White Lenses

Have you ever tried to approach life through black and white lenses? Most of us have at one time or another … if we’re honest. Approaching life through black and white lenses usually results in imbalances. This is a natural inclination that can become a way of life if we’ve come from unhealthy backgrounds. Our… continue reading»