Dr. John D. Garr Radio Interview

    Uncommon Journeys Radio Show – special guest Dr. John D. Garr  Dr. Garr is an international educator, an inspiring minister, a Biblical Hebrew scholar, College Chancellor (Hebraic Heritage Christian College) and has served in ministry for over 40 years.

    Dr. John D. Garr has authored over twenty books; some of them are in depth textbooks. During this radio broadcast, Dr. Garr will discuss two of his books – God and Women; women in God’s image & likeness, and Co-equal and Counterbalanced; God’s blueprint for women & men. He will cover topics related to these books such as the personhood of God; the Hebraic views of men and women, and their co-equality. For those who are searching for biblical truth as seen through Hebraic eyes, this is a life-changing broadcast that brings a deeper restoration.

    Dr. Garr is a recognized scholar; well-versed in the languages, history and culture. He is able to unpack these issues with balance, while laying out the foundations with clarity and grace. (1 CD) Purchase the CD for $7.00 or download the MP3 for $4.00.

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    Radio Favorites

    Uncommon Journeys Radio Show aired for one year on Messianic LAMB Radio. During this season, Priscilla Lack shared rich healing principles and how they relate with the Scriptures. Her approach includes Hebraic themes and insights from the Bible, which reveal how God is very interested in our hearts and their conditions. She shares keys to emotional healing so that you can be encouraged in your journey to restoration, and live a victorious life in Christ.

    In this audio set are 5 CD teachings; each one is about 50 minutes in length: 1) Rejection & Abandonment 2) Elements of Fear 3) Learning to Heal 4) When You’ve Been Hurt by Religion 5) Addictions and Related Issues

    Price: $30.00

    Wonders of Healing

    We learn why we do things, because otherwise we will live out the consequences of our past agreements. This recent teaching took place at a gathering through an outreach ministry called Pure Life Ministries. Priscilla shares biblical keys and practical tools for the journey of healing and how to make application. She goes in depth as to why this is important for the Body of Christ, and engages her audience with wisdom and insight concerning matters of the heart.

    CD is 1 hour and 4 min.

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