journey notes

Expand Your Territory

For many of us, summer is a season to expand our territories. We may take on a new project, learn something new or maybe we visit new places. If you follow the Hebrew calendar, you already know how timely themes can be linked to the Hebrew Scripture portions studied throughout the year. Expanding territories can be seen… continue reading»

To See With Your Heart

A few days ago, I received a newsletter about a blind horse that was up for adoption. The letter shared how inspiring it was to own a blind horse, because a blind horse sees through the eyes of their heart. It described how the relationship that develops between a blind horse and its faithful owner is profound. It is deep relational trust…. continue reading»

Genuine Gratitude is Healing

A genuine outlook of gratitude is healing, but the development of this trait can be a process. Some schools of thought describe gratitude as an emotion. It’s true that when we feel gratitude, we find a deeper heart connection – it becomes a more meaningful experience than just a cognitive action that voices what we are thankful for. Sometimes we might pretend… continue reading»