journey notes

“We Say What God Say”

A few years ago, my husband John was an area coordinator for the Billy Graham My Hope America outreach. During that time, we visited different kinds of fellowships and churches. We also met a number of unique and loving people. There was one church we regularly attended during a temporary stay in Indiana. They were… continue reading»

Patterns, Stages and New Beginnings

Over the years, I’ve noticed how God works through patterns and stages. Scriptural examples reveal them and they have shown up in my personal life. As I’ve walked with Christ, three general stages continue to be realized. Maybe you can relate. Stages can happen more than once throughout our lifetimes, but they are not all conclusive. Sometimes they repeat… continue reading»

Passover – God’s Appointed Time

We’re coming into the wonderful season of Passover and the Spring Feast Days. I personally love this time of year as I’ve seen the Lord move in powerful ways during these times. Passover and the Spring Feast Days naturally coincide with encouraging our personal restoration. God meets us in special ways at His appointed times and our… continue reading»