Freedom from Black and White Lenses

Have you ever tried to approach life through black and white lenses? Most of us have at one time or another … if we’re honest. Approaching life through black and white lenses usually results in imbalances. This is a natural inclination that can become a way of life if we’ve come from unhealthy backgrounds. Our… continue reading»

Purim – A Season of Deliverance

Some seasons are quite amazing, especially when we experience a connection between the Hebrew Calendar and what we are living out in our present lives. We discover the Hebrew Calendar demonstrates Godly patterns according to seasons. It seems when the month of Adar arrives, there’s usually something to consider when it comes to struggle, deliverance… continue reading»

The Search

2017 is here. I’ve probably considered this coming year more than previous years. I’ve read a lot of news articles, motivational blogs, and other interesting literature concerning how to navigate this year. Many describe what they think will happen and what we should do about it. Their different aspiring views spell out one, two, three… continue reading»