Welcome to Uncommon Journeys where…

there is encouragement for your journey of restoration. We appreciate you stopping by, but recognize that you might be wondering why you’ve ended up here at Uncommon Journeys and not at New Winds.

New Winds is still alive and well! We have been in transition for a number of months due to some decisions we’ve made concerning our online platform. Uncommon Journeys website is now a subsidiary of New Winds — an independent ministry focused on healing and restoration.

You might be wondering what will happen to New Winds now. Well, New Winds will continue to provide publishing for our books and supply a variety of resources. Our tradition to provide life-giving resources will remain. Our focus on healing the heart and the Biblical Hebrew foundations will also continue.

Feel free to check out our new site here at Uncommon Journeys. We hope you find some new nuggets for your journey of restoration. God bless you!