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Reclaiming Identity

Learning to appreciate who God has designed us to become can be a process. Sometimes we need to heal from past hurts in order to rest in who we really are.

When You’ve Been Hurt by Religion

It’s an unfortunate truth, but sometimes we are hurt in settings which should have been a safe place. This message deals with some of the personal issues that arise out of being hurt by religion or spiritual authority. It also brings compassion and understanding for those who are called to leadership.

Let Your Heart Live

God’s genuine healing will cause your heart to come alive. Psalms 69:32 says, … You who seek God, let your heart live. Healing of the heart allows the essence of who you are to come forth and touch others in a positive way. This is an encouraging message about walking the healing journey with Christ.


Dealing With Uncertainty

Most of us know today’s world doesn’t cultivate one’s heart. Perhaps this hasn’t been intentional, but we live in a culture that fosters disconnection. Our world has become more complicated and many are fearful about their future. This message covers some considerations about the times we live in, and how our lifestyles may be affecting our hearts.

Rejection and Abandonment

All of us have experienced rejection at times. Childhood rejection can affect our behavior as adults. We often carry leftover burdens that old rejections have imprinted upon our hearts. This message addresses areas of rejection and abandonment which are common to our human experience.