Tune in to Uncommon Journeys Radio Show where Priscilla shares a variety of topics about the journey of healing: Wednesdays at 1:00am (CST) and 8:00pm (CST) on Messianic Lamb Radio.  For your convenience, some of the archived shows are available on the pages below.

Please note: Uncommon Journeys Radio Show will be saying farewell on December 13, 2017. Due to increased schedules of face to face ministry, Priscilla will be taking more time in those areas of service. Nevertheless, it has been a blessing to work with the Messianic LAMB Radio team this year.

Please be advised that the following radio broadcasts are MP3 files. Your device must be MP3 compatible to hear them. Also, if you are new to some of the Hebrew terms used in the shows, please check our radio terminology box on the side for more information.

Special Guest Dr. John D. Garr

Dr. John D. Garr discusses two of his books – God and Women; women in God’s image & likeness, and Co-equal and Counterbalanced; God’s blueprint for women & men. For those who are searching for biblical truth, this is a life-changing broadcast that brings a deeper restoration. Dr. Garr is a recognized scholar; well-versed in the languages, history and culture. Beginning at the Garden of Eden, he shares the depth of God’s Word concerning the roles of men and women.

For your convenience, this broadcast is now available in CD and MP3 formats – click here for more information.

The Journey

Healing is complex and it takes time to realize. We can have times of breakthrough when God comes and touches our lives; however, as we travel the uncommon journey, we often find it is a process. Radio archive from 12-6-17


Restoring Childhood Foundations

Our childhood foundations are important keys to how we approach life. This message addresses several aspects of childhood foundations and how they affect our lives in the present realm. Ending background music is composed by Zachary Bruno. Radio archive from 10/25/17


Restoring Dignity

Restoring Dignity is a three part teaching beginning on 11-15-17. These radio archives discuss several elements of shame and how it holds us back from experiencing the Lord’s love. The ending background music is composed by Zachary Bruno.

Special Guest Brooke Lounsbury

Brooke Lounsbury is a professional health practitioner, speaker and author. Her most recent published book is called Fermie’s Journeys and her ministry is called Health Begins at Home. In this show, Brooke discusses how our emotional health is linked to our physical health. She shares many valuable insights to take with you on your journey.