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Healthy Connections

With the Lord’s assistance, we can learn to connect to our hearts. As we relate to God and ourselves in new ways, this will affect how we relate to others. We develop healthy connections.

Special Guest Brooke Lounsbury

Brooke Lounsbury, from Health Begins at Home, is my special guest on this radio broadcast. As a professional health practitioner, Brooke discusses how our emotional health is linked to our physical health. This is an insightful show, and many valuable insights are shared to take with you on your journey.

Let Your Heart Live

God’s genuine healing will cause your heart to come alive. Psalms 69:32 says, … You who seek God, let your heart live. Healing of the heart allows the essence of who you are to come forth and touch others in a positive way. This is an encouraging message about walking the healing journey with Christ.


Learning to Heal

It’s important to remember that God is greater than our hearts and His love for us never fails. Even still, the healing journey isn’t always easy if we’re going to go deeper into genuine healing. This message covers a lot of ground regarding the journey of healing.

Rejection and Abandonment

All of us have experienced rejection at times. Childhood rejection can affect our behavior as adults. We often carry leftover burdens that old rejections have imprinted upon our hearts. This message addresses areas of rejection and abandonment which are common to our human experience.