Tune in to Uncommon Journeys Radio Show where Priscilla shares a variety of topics about the journey of healing: Wednesdays at 1:00am (CST) and 8:00pm (CST) on Messianic Lamb RadioFor your convenience, some of the archived shows are available on the pages below.

Please be advised that the following radio broadcasts are MP3 files. Your device must be MP3 compatible to hear them. Also, if you are new to some of the Hebrew terms used in the shows, please check our radio terminology box on the side for more information.

Special Guest Dr. John D. Garr

Dr. John D. Garr discusses two of his books – God and Women; women in God’s image & likeness, and Co-equal and Counterbalanced; God’s blueprint for women & men. For those who are searching for biblical truth, this is a life-changing broadcast that brings a deeper restoration. Dr. Garr is a recognized scholar; well-versed in the languages, history and culture. Beginning at the Garden of Eden, he corrects the mistruths and religious traditions concerning the roles of men and women.

For your convenience, this broadcast is now available in CD and MP3 formats – click here for more information.

New Beginnings

New beginnings renew our lives. It can be like God gives us a clean slate and says, “Let’s begin again.” On the other hand, new beginnings often come with some resistance. Yet this doesn’t take away from new beginnings being a wonderful part of life.  This radio archive is from 10-18-2017


The Flame of God

God is our Source. Our souls (what we know as our hearts) are called the flame of God when our Source is moving freely through us. The flame of God is in is in the soul of the believer. This message discusses the seven spirits of the LORD, and inheriting the substance of the Holy Spirit. It is packed full of insights.

Special Guest Linda King

Linda King is an experienced musician; well-versed in classical music which includes singing opera. During this show, Linda shares some of her story and discusses the healing precepts that have been effective in her various ministries. She will also share about the power of anointed music for healing. You will love hearing Linda sing the Hebrew liturgies – Avinu Malkeinu and the Priestly Blessing.

Special Guest Eileen Koff

Uncommon Journeys welcomes back Eileen Koff, author of Organize His Way Workbook. In this broadcast, Eileen shares keys about spiritual house cleansing – what it is and what it isn’t. This is a topic that is often not taught in the Body of Christ, yet it is a key factor in our walk with Christ and the healing lifestyle.