Testimony 1

“I fully endorse Unlocking the Wounded Heart Workbook. It has personally brought me more healing, freedom and victory. This book has helped me mentor and counsel more efficiently as I prayerfully work through the book one on one with others. I can see the Holy Spirit working in sessions I have with those I mentor. I pray that this book be an inspiration and source of healing to you.”

John Mayer, retired high school teacher and coach

Testimony 2

“At the very heart of the Torah is a loving God who desires intimacy with his children. Our Elohim wants to walk with us, talk with us, play with us, guide us and share our hearts. In order to have the fullest communion with Him, our hearts must be open and healed of life’s hurts. In this workbook, Pastor Priscilla Lack walks us through the process of healing and opening ourselves to our God and to others and becoming the person He created us to be.”

Laura Loehr, M.S. Clinical Psych retired college counselor

Testimony 3

“…as I was going through this beautifully written book with my friend, I found myself thinking about hurts that have been hidden deep within myself…I always thought I knew myself very well…I now know if I want to grow at this stage in my life I need to put the work in…Unlocking the Wounded Heart is real good at asking the right questions…I always have believed that to get the best answers you have to ask the best questions…While other books send you in different directions…this one stays focused on the heart and healing…I recommend the book to any one whom is at a stage in their life where they are searching for their true identity and purpose in this life…My husband has told me he sees a change in me and sees I am more peaceful…for this I am grateful …”

Patty Swanson