Do you want to get well?

When we walk with God, we may find our lives turn out differently than we planned. Sometimes we arrive at the mountain tops with showers of blessings overflowing, and it’s easy to connect to the Father’s grace and favor.

Other times, we might find ourselves in the trenches. In the trench times, we may not see any grace … even favor seems to elude us. So we search for God’s treasures in order to stay steady and not lose heart.

Some problems are insurmountable. What we thought the Lord should do for us – He doesn’t. We thought He should work in our lives a certain way, but He takes us on a different path instead. As time passes and the long road becomes longer, we realize the Father is developing something much deeper within us.

In the Book of John, there’s an account of a man with an infirmity. He was at a place called the Pool of Bethesda. The Pool of Bethesda was known to have supernatural healings; therefore, this man had come there for thirty-eight years hoping for a miracle.

Year after year, he faithfully showed up at the pool. He believed that if someone would just help him get in the healing waters, he would be well. The waters and other people’s assistance held his hopes for good health. This was his vision.

One day, Yeshua (Jesus) approached this man as he was lying by the pool. Then He inquired, “Do you want to get well?”

If you think about it, this seems like an odd question. After all, the man was at the pool trying to get a miracle of healing. In fact, he was a regular at the Pool of Bethesda. Maybe Yeshua’s question was addressing something else.

Over the years, this passage has often been portrayed that this man really didn’t want healing. Some teachers say this is why the Lord asked him if he wanted it. Others have suggested that the man was just plain lazy.

If we look at this account from a different view, we may see something more going on. Could it be that Yeshua saw something of value within this man? So much so, that it was worth dialoguing with him about his condition. Maybe there was something about this man that the Lord appreciated, regardless of his weakness.

Thirty-eight years is a long time to wait for something, but this man had faithfully shown up even though his hope for healing hadn’t come. I think most of us would be feeling discouraged if we were sick that long. But now Yeshua was stirring up the idea that his time for healing had arrived.

Perhaps the Lord saw the man’s character trait of faithfulness and he just needed to have his heart awakened. If he was hopeless, his faith would be minimal and it would be difficult to receive much healing.

Yeshua knows how we are geared; He knows that we have to want something in order to have faith arise within us. Even if we know our need, we have to want something in order to grab hold of it.

Because of Yeshua’s question, the man’s desire was awakened and clarity emerged. Now he could grab hold of his healing. He also realized it wouldn’t be coming to him the way he planned, but it would be coming directly through his Messiah calling him out. So he received his healing, picked up his pallet and walked.

There is a similar principle that often gets played out with the healing journey. God invites us to walk with Him toward wholeness so that we experience Him in a fuller way. But for some of us, the Lord has to stir up the ‘want to’ . This stirring up often comes through circumstances where we least expect it. Like the man at the Pool of Bethesda, God awakens our heart in unique ways … differently than we planned.

Reference: John 5

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2 thoughts on “Do you want to get well?

  1. Wow! He really does prepare the way before we even start the process of desiring healing enough to work. God is good!

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