Patterns, Stages and New Beginnings

Over the years, I’ve noticed how God works through patterns and stages. Scriptural examples reveal them and they have shown up in my personal life. As I’ve walked with Christ, three general stages continue to be realized. Maybe you can relate.

Stages can happen more than once throughout our lifetimes, but they are not all conclusive. Sometimes they repeat and show up in different ways. Other times, they overlap into each other. I’ve noticed the stages and patterns seem to flow more readily as I allow God to work within specific areas my heart.

The first stage is a type of journey concerning our inner person. This is where the Lord gives more clarity to our personal identity. We can know our identity is in Christ in the general sense; but as we grow in Him, He expands this understanding to individualize His purpose and calling in our lives.

He takes our sovereign beginnings (our family of origin, where we were born, our gifts and talents), and weaves it all together. When we realize His unique design for us personally, we discover more about our Creator. We might find ourselves exclaiming like King David – I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

If there are unresolved hurts which remain tucked within our hearts, this is the stage the Father begins to show us our need for healing. As we see our need for healing, we make the necessary adjustments to work these things out. We realize our bound areas of heart will interfere with how our Godly purpose is fulfilled. When we can’t see our personal need for healing, the tendency is to misunderstand the preparation stage when it comes.

The second stage is preparation. This teaches us how to walk out what we have been learning. In this season, the Lord tests our hearts and hidden motives. He reveals our need for His grace. We find that He doesn’t mind our learning curves and this is where we become seasoned. Our personal vision often experiences an upgrade during this stage.

Preparation stages usually get worked out in dry seasons of waiting. Time and again we have to press through during this stage, pursuing God’s Word and His Voice. If we don’t listen to His counsel to change some things in our life, remove certain relationships or ventures that hinder us, we will stay only in a journey.

The third stage is new beginnings. A new beginning often includes divine connections. Our divine connections call forth the purpose God has been developing in us through the previous stages. We may link up with these divine connections for a season and find new opportunities beginning to unfold. Then God brings others to impart new insights to us so we become more effective in His Kingdom. This widens our view so we have better oversight.

In order to transition into the new beginnings we usually have to let go of some things. This is so Yeshua’s (Jesus’) life can expand in ours. In this process, we become willing to be willing because the new isn’t always easy to step into. Be that as it may, we let go of what He shows us to let go of and we discover anew His peace that passes our understanding.

The new beginning stage is refreshing because we see how God has worked our journey together for good. Nothing that we’ve gone through has been wasted, and nothing has separated us from His love.

Considering what stage the Lord has you in can be an enlightening experience. It’s powerful to reminisce where you’ve been and become grateful. Sometimes as you track where you’ve been, this can be an indicator to where God is directing you for your next season.

May He grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your purpose. (Psalm 20:4)  




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